SedNet conference 2021

LIFE SURE: Sediment uptake and remediation on an ecological basis

Jul 1, 2021 | 1:15 PM - 1:25 PM

A well-known environmental problem within the Baltic Sea region is caused from shallowed overgrown bays, which occur when dead biota and particles are transported to coastal areas and accumulate at the bottom, adding to the sediments. This negative process has been accelerated by climate change and human activities, such as stormwater runoff from agricultural, industrial and urban areas that brings not only particles to shallow water bodies but also contaminants such as metals and nutrients. The overall objective of the project LifeSURE is to test and demonstrate how to restore the ecological status and hydro morphology of Malmfjärden Bay in Kalmar, Southeast of Sweden, by using an innovative dredging method that does not disturb the aquatic environment and consequently human health. Sediments will be removed and treated as secondary raw material within the circular economy concept. The project aims also to disseminate, transfer and replicate the project ideas and results within Sweden and Europe.

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