SedNet conference 2021

(Re)Using Sediment to create, keep or restore habitats


Hydromorphological alteration is the number one reason for not achieving the EU WFD objectives (EEA, 2018 report). They comprise all physical alterations to water bodies (including interruptions) that modify their channels, shores, riparian zones and water levels/flows, such as dams, embankments, channelization and flow regulation. They may alter the morphology and hydrology of water bodies and result in modified/ degraded habitats, with significant impacts on ecological status”. Talks address and provide insight in the relation between hydromorphology and sediment and how this influences WFD objectives. How do alterations in hydromorphology alter sediment distribution and how does that influence biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services? How tested solutions do improve or restore hydromorphology, sediment balance and/or ecosystem services ?

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