SedNet conference 2021


Susanne Heise

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany




Position: Head of working group Background and Interests Susanne Heise studied biology at the universities of Bielefeld, Edinburgh (GB) and Kiel. She did her PhD in biological oceanography at the Institute for Baltic Sea Research (today IFM-Geomar) and worked as a Postdoc at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Departments of Marine Technology and of Environmental Protection) and at the Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde where she studied the impact of environmental contaminants on bacterial exopolymer production in sediments. During this time, she went on two short-term lectureships, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), to the Illigan Institute of Technology, Philippines, to teach marine microbiology. After her post-doc time, she became project manager of the Consulting Centre for Integrated Sediment Management at the TU Technical Innovation for 6 years. Susanne Heise was founding member of the consulting company CRM ( and of the European Sediment Network „SedNet“ ( For SedNet, she coordinated the work group on „Sediment Risk Management and Communication“ for 3 years. She also started the Sediment Advisory Group as a joined initiative of SedNet and SETAC, and was on the editorial board of the SETAC journal „International Environmental Assessment and Management“. Today she is member of the SedNet Steer Group. Since 2008, Susanne Heise is Professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Science ( and teaches cell- and microbiology, chemical safety, ecotoxicology and environmental assessment. She is head of the research group of Applied Aquatic Toxicology. Within the field of aquatic toxicology, she is interested in the effects that environmental contaminants have on the aquatic community, with a strong focus on sediments.