SedNet conference 2021


Alizée Lehoux

Uppsala University, Sweden




After completing a geological degree, my research interest focused on contaminated soils and sediments and how to remediate them. Two internships ( in Leeds, UK, and in Lille, France) allowed me to strengthen this interest and learn about various remediation methods. My PhD (2013-2016) focused on more fundamental aspects, where the aim was to try and understand better the transport of nanoparticles in soils with the help of MRI as an imaging technique. Since 2017 I have been working in Sweden with fibrous sediment of industrial origin, aiming to find the most suitable remediation technique for these special sediments. Their extreme gas production is an issue in terms of greenhouse gas release and an hinder for the application of in-situ capping. Welcome to my poster (flash presentation Friday at 11.15) and my colleague's presentation (Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Wednesday at 10.30) if you want to hear more about our research!