SedNet conference 2021


Sabine Apitz

SEA Environmental Decisions Ltd., UK




With a BS in Chemistry and a PhD in Oceanography (SIO 1991), Sabine E. Apitz is the Director of SEA Environmental Decisions, Ltd., a UK-based consultancy providing advice on how one uses cross-disciplinary science to support environmental policy, management and decision making. Dr. Apitz has been working in a range of aspects of the ecosystems-based assessment, management and regulation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems for more than 35 years in academic, government and business sectors. She is a recognized leader in the innovative integration of scientific and decision tools in support of evolving stakeholder and policy frameworks and objectives and the evolving question of how we transparently and meaningfully use cross-disciplinary science to more sustainably evaluate and manage human impacts and demands on ecosystems, often in collaborative networks with other consultancies, universities, NGOs and government agencies. Much of her work has addressed the assessment, regulation and management of sediments and dredged material. A Fellow of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Sabine is also a member of the SETAC Europe Council, a Deputy Editor of the journal Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management; and a co-host of the Join the Dots podcast on people, pockets and the planet. Her work has resulted in hundreds of reports, papers, book chapters and public presentations; and service on many regional, national and international review, expert and advisory workshops, panels and committees.