SedNet conference 2021


Bruno Lemière



Bruno Lemière explored most of the possible paths for a geochemist in the BRGM group (French Geological Survey). He began as a mapping geologist and igneous geochemist, then joined mineral exploration as Chief geochemist for BRGM Saudi Arabia from 1990 to 1993. He joined then the ANTEA engineering company to coordinate the geochemistry activities in the deep storage of high activity nuclear waste sector, for the French agency (ANDRA). Back in BRGM analysis laboratories, he worked to open them to new markets for the geochemistry methods in the industry, and for laboratory engineering. Since 1998, he is a geochemistry expert and international projects manager with BRGM’s Environment and Process Division, with activities for private or public clients in India, Egypt, Romania, Greece and Tanzania. His main focus is on sampling, field analysis and instrumentation, not only for mining but also other environmental issues. He leads or contributes to European applied research projects, in the environment and waste sectors. Currently, he manages the BRGM activities in the marine and waterways sediments management. Bruno holds a MS in industrial and analytical chemistry (1978) from the Lyon Chemistry School (CPE) and a PhD (1982) in geology and geochemistry from the University of Lyon.